If there's a type of web hosting that comes to mind in many people's mind its shared web hosting. It's one of the highly purchased webbhotell anywhere around the globe. None the less, due to the huge market size and diverse shared solutions many users have a problem when it comes to choosing the best or understanding shared hosting and the features to search for.

Traffic and disk space

One of the essential relevant features of shared webbhotell is disk space. Hosting a site on the internet requires disk space for media, databases and code files, among other things. If your site is not huge, this feature is not very important at the earlier stages. Pay attention to the disk space, traffic speed and bandwidth as you search for the most ideal shared plan.

Mind the uptime

With uptime you’ve the time that a site works on the web and accessibility of the site by visitors without any issue. Think about the uptime you need, which is about 98 percent on average in shared hosting and never 100 percent uptime. You can always use another web tool to check the uptime and read reviews to know if the webbhotell service has the kind of uptime your website needs.

What about the support?

For any newbie out there support is very critical. It becomes everything from hands to eyes and anything in between. Make sure the support of the webbhotell is great; you’ll have huge number of questions that need immediate answers. At that time it’ll dawn on you customer support that works speedily is everything.

Control panel and pre-installed tools

If you have checked out lots of web hosting solutions out there the number of additional features that come with shared plans are probably too many and messy to remember. Don't mind them. But pay attention to the pre-installed applications that help in the management and creation of a site rapidly. Most importantly, ensure that one of the basic apps provided with the shared webbhotell is the control panel, which makes your life easy as you control very complex server processes, such as cPanel, Virtualmin, Zpanel, among others.

Free add-ons

Of course there’re lots of free bonuses that come with webbhotell due to the huge number of providers out there. This can be an extra domain name, tools for building a site, website transfer for free among other attractive features. Even as you choose the provider with the freest bonuses mind the renewal fees of these add-ons. They could be expensive in the long run. undefined

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.

Daniel De Luca