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Performance and Reliability with cPanel Web Hosting

If there's something that many people know about cPanel web hosting is its huge number of advanced tools and superior performance, particularly for those clients who're very demanding. Think of scalable resources when you need them, industry leading page loads and optimised performance due to the providence of diverse features.



While hosting might be all about enjoying the best hardware available, it surely feels good to have such awesome hardware. Considering great servers with top-grade processes ready for heavy lifting and low latency DDR 3 rapid memories and high speeds you can be sure of a reliable cPanel webbhotell, including redundant storage drives assuring reliability and rapid page load times.

Flexible enhancement

You can actually enhance performance and reliability when you need to with cPanel. Whether you're about to run resource-intense tools with a unique rush of their own you can actually do more than just level up the RAM and CPU through cPanel webbhotell. In most cases, a single click and a little money is needed without worrying that greedy users are enjoying all the resources, particularly with shared hosting. Maximum limits will remain very generous while ensuring everyone has been kept in check, in the process ensuring performance remains best and reliable throughout a server.


Everything where you would like it

With cPanel, everything is exactly where it should be and you’d want it to be. Apart from being highly intuitive and incredibly popular with millions of users globally, it remains the industry standard in many respects. Today, it’s even the easiest to navigate and cleanest, ensuring all the features you need and matter are there.

Single click setups

cPanel webbhotell one click set up features is a fresh breath of air if you’re thinking about WordPress and much more. cPanel makes it easy to have a single installer hooking up users with ecommerce sites, forums, blog platforms, photo galleries and site analysis systems, among others, through a single click. You can actually choose what to launch with hundreds of apps awaiting you apart from the normal Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Simplicity in usage

cPanel webbhotell has ease of use as one of the reasons lots of hosting customers think about it first; it’s known for a super easy navigation and great experience even if you have moved to new host. The graphical interface makes technical tasks normal tasks and very simple to undertake. With an included inbuilt help you’re actually stopped from messing up anything or doing something that shouldn't be done. This leaves you more time to spend on your site rather than behind the scenes, administrating.

It means with cPanel webbhotell you can be sure of actions, features and tools that will do things you wouldn't expect.

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.
Daniel De Luca



cPanel Web Hosting Why It Remains the Best

cPanel Web Hosting-Why It Remains the Best

From an experienced to a novice webmaster, cPanel offers a hosting control panel with automation tools and a unique graphical interface simplifying the website hosting process. cPanel is arguably an industry-standard and knowing whether it can transform your business and work efficiently to meet all your hosting needs is very important.

Popularity of cPanel

Initially released in March 21st, 1996 in Houston, Texas, cPanel was developed for a company providing Linux hosting. At the beginning the tool gave hosting customers the chance to manage basic hosting service parts like email addresses and FTP logins. Since then the tool has continued to evolve and won many hearts due to its simple navigation and user-friendly interface; hardly requires anyone to have a lot of technical skills to handle it.

It comes with a lot of great features that simply seeks to ensure a website is working great, considering its ability to help users in the management of different functions while streamlining diverse processes such as database management, file management, software and email configurations, security, settings among others.

cPanel Web Hosting makes the most of cPanel as the main control panel allowing users to control, setup and manage hosting accounts with ease. Due to its long list of helpful functions and features it continues to serve millions of sites globally. cPanel Web Hosting comes with such great features as:

• File management, backupr and FTP
• Management and administration of database
• Management of mail such as email verification, auto responding and auto sending
• Bandwidth monthly allocation

Beyond these features cPanel web hosting comes with a lot of benefits. Essentially, this type of web hosting allows users to manage their websites and hosting accounts easily whether they are beginners, newbies or experienced web masters.

Easy to install

cPanel is known for its simplicity of installation. It only requires a Linux environment with at least a disk space of 10GB, 512MB RAM and 266MHz. In fact, apart from those using dedicated servers these requirements should never be an issue. cPanel web hosting comes fully prepared with cPanel already installed.

Ease of use

One of the reasons cPanel has been around for so long is its ease of handling. Graphical, intuitive, convenient and friendly, the interface allows anyone to use it with ease even if with very low technical skills and knowledge.
Diverse functions and features

As already mentioned, cPanel is known for its huge number of functions and efficient features. This makes management of websites and hosting accounts very easy. As a result, any user is able to select from a range of features absent in other web panels. It means rapid automatic upgrades to PHP, Apache and MySQL is an advantage including customization of notifications as per your requirements. Website data backup is also very easy with this type of hosting.

Integrate free scripts

cPanel supports Fantastico integration allowing users to make the most of free scripts through a single click auto installation. Fantastico supports tens of scripts within the open source framework. These features give all users particularly website novices the chance to manage apps and setup websites with just a couple of clicks.

Multi support

One of the things that cPanel does is support multiple sub-domains, domains, add-on domains and websites. This is very convenient for anyone with multiple sites.

Security boost

Due to a three-level type of structure, cPanel enhances security management. In addition, restrictions to specific areas of a website is done through the protection of directories with Password, giving users the chance to manage TLS/SSL keys, signing requests and certificates as well as remote connection to the server.

Softaculous feature

cPanel Web Hosting has softaculous as one of the most significant features the hosting comes with. The utility tool permits a user to handle their domain through web interfaces and makes it easy to install a number of open source apps like WordPress, Joomla among other web blogging platforms.

The hundreds of scripts available with single click installations cover lots of diverse features that boost functionality and benefit virtually all sites out there. Softaculous also provides constant updates for better scripts security and speed. A user doesn't need to worry about back end issues but concentrate on conversions, enriching products and creating great content.

Single click for SEO

cPanel Web Hosting is also great in the area of search engine optimization. Getting ranked favorably by search engines is very important. cPanel comes with single click installations for SEO. Once activated through the control panel, an SEO application helps to do a lot of things such as generating site maps and getting ranked better.

Easy web management

With the huge number of features that cPanel comes with, management of complex tasks for a website is very easy. This includes maintaining code and database backup, forwarding and managing email accounts and email address, adding diverse sites under one account among others.

Compatibility benefit

cPanel continues to evolve into a handy tool in modern website management and hosting. Considering the huge number of open source applications out there, it's best to use a hosting that allows you to make the most of them. cPanel Web Hosting is highly compatible with lots of open source tools you can make the most of right away.

Set up simplicity

cPanel hosting major benefit is its ease of setting up, which only requires a couple of steps and you're done. Linux OS has to be installed as you run the installation script and you're almost done; virtually every server configuration has been done for you.

Email management is a simple affair

With cPanel Web Hosting email management has never been easy even if your email needs are more than just casual. Access of mail can be done from anywhere through different interfaces based on the web such as squirrelmail or roundcube. Other features that ease mail management in cPanel include mail client configuration, IMAP/POP3 accounts, spam assassin, auto responders, and email authentication simple setup, among others.


When ready to have your website published File Transfer Protocol in cPanel web hosting can help a lot in the uploading of files. It’s very easy to use Anonymous FTP and FTP control systems including other features of file management whether the site is the first you've ever published or not.

Of course, cPanel remains a feature rich, affordable hosting solution great for virtually all web hosting requirements.

We hope this article has been of some help to you and answered many of your questions.

Daniel De Luca


Webbhotell bäst i test → Listar Sveriges bästa webbhotell 2019

WordPress webbhotell.
När en WordPress-webbplats är utformad är det nödvändigt att det ska gå och vara tillgängligt av olika människor från olika delar av världen.

Detta är inte möjligt utan att det är värd med ett värdfirma. Hosting av en webbplats ger tillgång, lagringsutrymme och snabb anslutning.

Typer av Wordpress-plattformar för att bygga dina Wordpress-webbplatser.
Bland de olika bloggplattformarna är WordPress definitivt ett av de mest populära bloggarna. Det finns två typer av WordPress-plattformar:

WordPress.com och WordPress.org. För den tidigare är din webbplats värd av WordPress och du kommer att tilldelas en underdomänwebbplats (t.ex. dittnamn.wordpress.com).

Fördelen för att vara värd för din webbplats under WordPress.com är att det kostar dig ingenting. Du har dock inte fullständig åtkomst till vissa funktioner (t.ex. WordPress.com stöder inte plugins, vilket är en av de viktigaste funktionerna i WordPress). Dessutom är WordPress.com "ad-supported".

Det innebär att annonser kan visas slumpmässigt på din blogg.
WordPress.org är helt enkelt det bästa bland de två plattformarna, det kan användas vid utformning och hosting av vanliga webbplatser.

Faktum är att de flesta av dessa webbplatser idag använder sig av denna plattform. För WordPress.org behöver du hitta ditt eget webbhotell företag och installera programmet själv.

Därför måste du också registrera ditt eget domännamn. Men eftersom det är ett program är det anpassningsbart (du kan ändra och redigera CSS, teman och HTML-koderna).

Helt enkelt har du full kontroll över att ändra dina bloggar för att bättre passa dina behov.
Även om båda plattformarna har sina egna fördelar, är det bättre att använda den anpassningsbara plattformen (WordPress.org), eftersom du kan omvandla den till att ha dina önskade teman, CSS-koder eller HTML.

Du kan vara värd för någon av de bästa webbhotellstjänsten som Malmö Cloud, bluehost eller godaddy. Här kostar webbhotell och domänregistrering dig upp till 800 kr per år.

WordPress Krav för hosting.
När du söker efter ett värdpaket måste du kolla med värdfirman för att se om deras paket uppfyller kraven på WordPress.För att kunna använda WordPress.org måste du hitta ett webbhotell paket som är kompatibelt med WordPress. För att använda WordPress behöver din värdplan ha MySQL och PHP-support. Använd därför inte webbhotell eller plattformar som inte erbjuder tjänsterna i MySQL och PHP.

Rekommenderade webbplatser eller företag som du kan vara värd för dina Wordpress-webbplatser.
Lägg bara till ".com" framför de listade företagen i din webbläsare för att se deras tjänster.

  1. Malmö Cloud

  2. FastComet


  4. Bluehost

  5. Goddady

Dessa värdfirma listade ovan erbjuder högsta kvalitet värdtjänster till överkomliga priser.

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